Bumper Repairs

Car Body Work RepairsBumper scuffs, minor bumps and scrapes can be quickly and successfully repaired using our Smart repair techniques.

The damaged are is sanded, primed and recolored to the original manufacturers finish from our onboard paint schemes and then the whole area lacquered to a high gloss finish.

Cost from £45 plus VAT.

Panel Damage

Car Body Work RepairsScratches, scuffs and minor dents to wings and lower body panels can be repaired using our methods.

The damaged area is sanded, filled if required, primed the recoloured back to original colour from vehicle paint code, then the area is lacquered to a high gloss finish.

The exact cost for this type of damage is on application but rest assured always cheaper than a body shop.


Wing Mirrors

Car Body Work RepairsScuffs, scrapes and minor cracks on these easily damaged parts can be easily repaired using similar methods to bumpers and panel damage.

Costs from £45 plus VAT.

Alloy Wheels

Car Body Work RepairsAll types of alloy wheel damage can be repaired on site. minor curb damage and scuffs are sanded, filled or re-profiled back to their original shape then primed, recoloured and lacquered back to their original condition.

Cost from £45 plus VAT per wheel. Complete sets will receive a discount depending on damage.

Leather Seats

Car Body Work RepairsGeneral wear and tear on these hard wearing areas and minor cuts and scrapes can all be repaired.

The damaged area is cleaned, filled or special adhesive applied to area then leather dye is mixed to match original colour and airbrushed over repair area.

Cost from £45 plus VAT.

Fabric Seats

Car Body Work RepairsCigarette burns plus minor cuts and tears are all repairable. holes and cuts are filled to restore structural integrity then damage is repaired using fine fibres called flock.

These fibres are mixed together to match seat colour and then bonded to area using a heat activated adhesive.

Cost is from £45 plus VAT per seat.


Head Linings

The most common damage to head linings and soft trims in a vehicle is cigarette burns.

These are repaired in a similar way to fabric seats.

Cost is from £45 plus VAT.

Windscreen Chips

Car Body Work RepairsStone chips and small cracks can be successfully repaired using our state of the art equipment.

Moisture in the damage is the one factor that can prevent a successful repair. This is why our equipment is designed to remove all moisture BEFORE we inject the resin (unlike the Autoglass system).

Cost is £40 plus VAT and maybe paid for by your insurance.


Glass Polishing

Damaged caused to windscreens caused by worn wiper blades can sometimes be repaired providing you cannot feel the scratch with your finger nail. Our polishing mops can replace the lustre back to the glass so improving the appearance of the damage that can fail the MOT test.

Price from £45 plus VAT

Non Insurance Repairs

Car Body Work RepairsMinor accident damage caused by low speed shunts and carpark bumps done by third parties used to always go through insurance companies.

But not anymore... If the damage is repairable by our systems then it's repair cost is nearly always less than the excess.

So if this type of accident happens to you, then next time ask the culprit to pay your repair bill and cut out the hassle, expense and potential loss of your NCD.


Makes we regularly repair:

Makes we regularly repair